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Our Story and Philosophy

Farook Mohammed, an award-winning artist, created Afro Arabian Empire. He draws inspiration from his ancestral heritage and diverse family, aiming to promote culture, interracial relationships, family, and unity. The Empire has won various art competitions, including the Mzansi Arts and Media Awards 2021 and the 2021 New Now Emerging Artist Competition.

The Empire's philosophy centers around Pan-Africanism, which emphasizes the importance of uniting and working together for Africa's betterment. The Empire believes that art has the power to create positive change and bring people together, promoting cultural understanding and unity. They strive to silence guns and promote peace, using their platform to inspire change and create a better world.


At Afro Arabian Empire, we cater to a discerning clientele within the creative spaces. Our art curation services are unparalleled, with a focus on showcasing the finest contemporary and traditional African and Arabian art. We offer exclusive events planning services, creating bespoke experiences that leave lasting impressions. Our digital marketing strategies are designed to connect with a global audience and create a strong online presence for our clients. Additionally, our content curation services help to share the stories and voices of our clients and their communities. Whether you are an artist, brand, or individual looking to elevate your creative endeavors, Afro Arabian Empire is your one-stop-shop for premium services.

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