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The Full Story

This is Afro Arabian Empire, a Place where we bring Nations Together through Art and Creativity.


Welcome to the world of Farook Mohammed, an artist whose creativity knows no bounds. With a palette as diverse as his inspirations, Farook's artistic journey seamlessly blends Pan African heritage, the intricacies of Science and Technology, and the power of creativity itself.

As a visionary artist, Farook specializes in crafting Pan African Art that echoes the rich tapestry of cultures and histories across the continent. His canvas becomes a canvas of unity, bridging divides and celebrating the shared humanity that binds us all. But his artistic exploration doesn't stop there; he delves into the realms of Science and Technology, pushing the boundaries of imagination to explore new dimensions of creativity.


A Master of Creation: Paintings, Drawings and More.

Farook Mohammed's artistic expression is a symphony of color and form. Through paintings and drawings, he weaves stories that resonate with the soul. Each stroke carries meaning, each hue evokes emotion, creating a visual narrative that captivates the eye and touches the heart.


Author of "Science of Attention"

Venturing beyond the canvas, Farook authored the enlightening book "Science of Attention: Decoding the Strategies of Farook Mohammed's Global Reach." In its pages, he unravels the intricate workings of the attention economy, a realm crucial for artists and businesses seeking to shine in a crowded world. Dive into strategies that illuminate the path to mastering attention, from brand identity to ethical practices.


The Art of Unity and Peace

Farook Mohammed firmly believes in the unifying power of art. He sees it as a universal language that transcends borders, overcomes differences, and has the potential to lead us towards world peace. His creations are an ode to unity, a testament to the ability of art to foster understanding and harmony.


Your Portal to Farook's World

In our online store, you have the chance to own a piece of Farook's creative universe. Each artwork is not just a masterpiece; it's a gateway to a world where imagination knows no boundaries and cultural threads weave a tapestry of beauty.


At the heart of it all, Farook Mohammed stands as an artist, an author, and a visionary. His work isn't just a reflection; it's a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the human spirit's boundless potential. Explore his world, embrace his art, and become a part of a journey that transcends the canvas and touches the soul. Welcome to a world where art isn't just a medium; it's a bridge that connects us all.

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