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Echoes of a Changing World

Echoes of a Changing World

R177 000,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80cm x D1cm



"Echoes of a Changing World"

In this painting, we see the effects of climate change on our planet. The sky above is a light green, a hue that was once rare to see, while the greyish cream color below shows the impact of pollution and rising temperatures. The mountains are brown and dry, with their bases reaching a light cream desert, a sign of the changing environment. At the center of this desert, we see two Afro Arabs, one sitting and the other standing, contemplating the changing world around them. The full moon, once a symbol of the natural world's beauty, is now a stark reminder of the impacts of climate change. "Echoes of a Changing World" urges us to take action against the environmental degradation that threatens our planet, reminding us that we must work together to preserve our world for generations to come.

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