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Horizons of Unity

Horizons of Unity

R166 600,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80cm x D1cm


The painting is titled "Horizons of Unity" and depicts a striking scene of a colorful sky that transitions from blue and purple clouds to warm shades of yellow, red, orange, and brown in the center. A minaret and dome emerge from the clouds, suggesting a fusion of African and Islamic culture.

Towards the left of the painting, a distorted figure of an Afro Arab man on horseback emerges from the mist. The distortion adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the figure, and perhaps symbolizes the complex and ever-changing nature of identity and culture.

On the right of the painting, an African woman stands before this majestic scene, seemingly awestruck by its beauty and grandeur. Her presence serves as a reminder of the diversity of people and cultures that make up Africa, and the potential for unity and harmony in the face of such awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Overall, "Horizons of Unity" is a painting that speaks to the potential for unity and diversity in Africa, drawing from both African and Islamic influences to create a scene of breathtaking beauty and complexity.

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