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R180 000,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80cm x D1cm



The painting "Kalahari" depicts a scene of Khoisan hunters in the midst of a dark and foreboding desert landscape. The hunters are shown in silhouette, armed with their traditional weapons of bow and arrow, as they stalk their prey - a group of graceful springbok.

The desert terrain is barren and unforgiving, yet the hunters move with an easy grace that speaks to their intimate knowledge of the land. Above them, dark storm clouds gather, suggesting that danger may be looming, but the hunters remain focused and undeterred in their pursuit.

The painting captures the primal essence of the Khoisan people's relationship with their environment, showcasing their mastery of the natural world and their dependence on it for survival. The use of silhouettes heightens the drama and mystery of the scene, allowing the viewer to imagine the intricate details of the hunters' clothing, the contours of the landscape, and the delicate features of the springbok.

Overall, "Kalahari" is a powerful and evocative work of art that celebrates the Khoisan people's connection to their ancestral land and their skillful hunting traditions.

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