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Rise of Unity

Rise of Unity

R169 990,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80cm x D1cm



The painting "Rise of Unity" depicts a powerful message of hope and unity for Africa. In the center of the painting, a silhouette of a man can be seen standing with his arms outstretched, symbolizing a call to end conflict and division on the continent.

Surrounding the man are silhouettes of armies and weapons, representing the conflicts and strife that have plagued Africa for far too long. The message of the painting is clear: it is time for the people of Africa to come together and work towards a future of peace and unity.

The use of silhouettes adds to the drama and impact of the scene, allowing the viewer to focus on the symbolic elements of the painting without being distracted by intricate details. The man's stance and expression convey a sense of determination and resolve, as if he is calling on all Africans to unite behind a common purpose.

Overall, "Rise of Unity" is a powerful work of art that speaks to the aspirations of a continent. The artist's aim to unify Africa is clear, and the painting serves as a powerful reminder of the potential for a brighter future if the people of Africa come together and work towards a common goal.

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