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Sands of Serenity

Sands of Serenity

R181 000,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80xm x D1cm


Sands of Serenity, the scene is set against a beautiful blue sky with a distant dust storm. A grand mosque stands on the center right of the horizon, beautifully juxtaposed against the harsh desert environment. Three African Arab figures, two women and a man, along with two camels, are present in the painting, with one woman standing before them all. Her afro hairstyle and focused gaze towards the vast expanse of the desert suggest a deep connection to the land and the people who inhabit it.

Sands of Serenity captures the essence of the African desert, highlighting the beauty and resilience of its people against a harsh and unforgiving landscape. The grand mosque serves as a beacon of hope and unity, a symbol of the enduring presence of faith and spirituality in even the most challenging of environments. The dust storm in the distant horizon serves as a reminder of the impact of climate change and the need for collective action to protect our planet.

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