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Savannah Mirage

Savannah Mirage

R165 500,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80cm x D1cm



The painting "Savannah Mirage" depicts a stunning scene of African wildlife in an open plain, with the majestic Grand Mosque looming in the background. In the foreground, a group of lions can be seen prowling in the dusk light, their silhouettes standing out against the yellow-orange skyline that fades into a deep blue at the top.

In the distance, a herd of giraffes and springbok can be seen, also in silhouette, grazing in the grasslands. A dust storm can be seen on the horizon, adding to the sense of drama and movement in the scene.

Despite the presence of the Grand Mosque, a symbol of human civilization and culture, the painting celebrates the power and beauty of the natural world, as seen through the vibrant and dynamic wildlife of the savannah. The use of silhouettes heightens the drama and mystery of the scene, allowing the viewer to imagine the intricate details of the animals and their surroundings.

The dust storm adds a sense of tension and danger to the scene, reminding the viewer of the harsh and unpredictable nature of the African landscape. Overall, "Savannah Mirage" is a breathtaking work of art that captures the majesty and power of African wildlife, juxtaposed against the grandeur of human architecture, and the ever-present threat of natural forces beyond our control.

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