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The Gateway: An African Paradise

The Gateway: An African Paradise

R180 000,00Price

Acrylic on Canvas


W60cm x H80cm x D1cm


Title: "The Gateway: An African Paradise"


Introduction: As you gaze upon this magnificent painting, you are immediately drawn to the grand display of brown walls made of stone and rock. The Arabian and African style of the walls is apparent, showcasing the unique blend of cultures that have influenced the architecture of the region. The rock and cave style paintings add a touch of ancient history, with a modern twist that pays homage to the indigenous Khoisan people. At the bottom of the walls, you can see the effects of age and time, with cracks and breaks adding character to the structure. As you look towards the middle of the painting, you can see an opening that leads to a breathtaking scene of green grass, trees, and the ocean beyond. This opening serves as a gateway to the beauty and wonder of nature that lies beyond the walls. "The Gateway" invites you to step into a world of ancient traditions and modern marvels, where the past and present seamlessly blend together.

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